Jan. 1st, 2011

pocki: (SW - Luke/Han - you kissed him?!)
Of course, we start the new year with my movie list!
Gotta keep it all neat XD Let's see if I can beat 2010!

And for some rules!

Eligible for the list
  • Movies released for cinema
  • Direct to dvd movies
  • TV movies
  • Movies watched with the commentary audio track on (will be marked with "commentary", not eligible if I mostly just listened)
  • Mini series (longer than 1.5hrs, shorter than 4hrs or three 1.5h parts)
  • Movies connected to tv shows (e.g. BSG's Razor or Stargate - The Ark of Truth)
  • Documentaries with a theatrical release (e.g. An Inconvinient Truth)
  • Concerts with a theatrical release (e.g. Rolling Stone's Shine A Light)
  • Stand-up shows that are feature length, professionally filmed and released on dvd

    Not eligible for the list
  • Mini series that are a part of a long running tv series (e.g. Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars)
  • Documentaries without a theatrical release
  • Concerts without a theatrical release
  • Stage shows (e.g. Cirque de Soleil or musicals, whether bootlegs or actual dvd releases)
  • Bootlegs of stand-up shows or shows shorter than 1:20h

    MOVIES SEEN 2011

    whee, movies! )
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