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Hiiiii ^^/

I have two other journals too! And some communities!
pnr_meimei - graphics (mostly icons)
pnr_echo - fanfiction, poems and shortstories
scifi100 - Make 100 scifi icons ^^/
scifiland - Not mine, but I mod one of the teams. Join! It's fun.

go look!

Duct tape is like the force. It’s got a light side, a dark side and it keeps the universe together

Current layout features Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) from the tv-series Fringe. Header is made by me but the layout coding is by artphilia
The text on the header as well as the journal/friends list titles are quotes from Fringe.

all my icons/userpictures are free to take as long as you credit the one who made them.
If it's an icon saying "(by me)" in it's info, please do comment in a random post of mine if you take it. And of course credit to pnr. Not too hard is it? ^^

Most recent tracks played in iTunes

This is my journal and mine alone. But feel free to friend me, I like friends, but I should warn you about the content of my dear LJ

  • I'm a fangirl, I ramble a lot about current fandoms
  • If you're homophobic I don't want you here. Period.
  • I whine about stuff.
  • Sometime sI write one post in a week, sometimes four in a day. Deal with it.

    I (partly) judge people by their icons.
    To me your collection of LJ icons show who you are and your fandoms. Yup, I love icons. But I seriously need to update mine, they don't give an accurate picture of me anymore.

    Choose a fandom. Choose a pseudonym. Choose a community. Choose a fucking inane blog. Choose OTPs, archives, merchandise, and conventions. Choose fanfic, snark, and fannish kerfuffles. Choose blowing your paycheck on expensive DVD special editions. Choose an avatar. Choose your friends. Choose a conspiracy theory with a matching tin hat. Choose paid LJ time so that you can have a fucking icon for every little thing. Choose dorky t-shirts and slashing cartoons on a Saturday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, escapist movies, stuffing Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans into your mouth – even the fucking puke ones. Choose rotting away in line for Episode III and then pissing your last in your parents’ basement, nothing more than an annoyance to the people who have to listen to your endless theoretical diatribes on Tom Bombadil. Choose your future. Choose geek.

    (yes I stole this. But I am not ashamed. I am geek. And I stole it. From athousanderrors.)

    I name all my technology (and some other things).
    Meet the family:
    Sam - my beautiful iMac (often called Sammy)
    Alice - white iPhone 3GS
    Olivia - white iPad 2
    Zoe - camera (Canon EOS 550d)
    Cy - external/portable harddrive
    Simon - bigger external harddrive
    Sharon - external harddrive (in storage, since she's almost falling apart)
    Leia - Wacom Bamboo Fun drawing tablet
    Penny - red bicycle
    Lady Delilah - scanner
    Danny Boy - stereo (living in storage atm, for when I move)
    Martha - food processor (living in storage atm, for when I move)
    Mickey - blender
    John - pocket camera (not in use, since I have Zoe)
    Adam - cactus
    Lilith - spiky aloe
    Lucifer - other spiky aloe
    Gabriel - leaf succulent
    Bob - bigger spherical cactus
    Sacks - smaller spherical cactus
    Freddie - Giant Microbes HIV plushie that keeps me company when I feel really shitty

    And the extended and/or dead family:
    Jack - my once trusty Sandisk Sansa mp3-player whom I acidentally killed by wiping his entire system
    Palpy - PC laptop that Sammy replaced. He has gone to heaven now.
    Darth - family's external harddrive
    Howlin - dad's iPod shuffle that I borrow in emergency situations (like when I had just killed Jack and Alice hadn't joined us)
    Asajj - cell phone that was replaced by Alice (she's not dead, but sleeping)

    Most of them were named after someone (or many) in my fandoms.
    And some match name wise. Not telling you how though :P

    give pnr more *HUGS*

    Get hugs of your own

    myopi got their Neopet at

    This is my lovely neopet Akauzu. I have three more pets but this cute little mutant draik is my firstborn. I strongly suggest joining Neopets, and do become my friend ^^ And since you love me you will sign up using the link the picture above provides, cause it will give me a bonus ^.~

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