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Today I finally got the last of the jewelry supplies. Turns out the chains I got are a bit too delicate for hanging around your neck (at least for the necklaces I'm making), but works very nicely for multiple pendants on one necklace... you'll see what I mean. And the bigger silver rings are too thick to go through the small silver chain which is annoying, but mum had some in stor eI could use today. Will just have to buy some if I wanna make more necklaces.

Anyhow, I made three necklaces!
All are for sale, somewhat.

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Okay, here it goes

I'm now open for orders of my monsterhats.
They are great for wintertime since they are warm and made of fleece.

Many many colors available. Just email me in what color you would like the cap and hopefully it wont be a very unusual color. (for some reason I can't find neon-green fleece O.o)

three types of teeth are available (always white)
- short row
- long row
- long row with vampire fangs

cost: 100 skr including shipping within Sweden (check XE.com for current exchange rates and think +shipping)
I'll ship worldwide.
though I must figure out a easy way to transfer money for international orders. Mum talked about Forex having such a service, but that seemed only to be within Scandinavia
If you want to take the risk, I accept cash-in-envelope too ^^
And trades are always nice!
Pay-pal might work, although then I have to add a little extra for the transaction fees and whatnot.

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