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ok, this is for every time I get the question about how up-file works.
thought it would be as good to have a public LJ post with some info about it.
So, lets get started...

up-file has changed but I haven't updated my guide. This shall be done eventually.

Firstly: up-file is very nice. It will store your files for eternity (I think XD) and has unlimited downloads. If it says that "This File delited for abuse" it means that the site is grumpy at the moment. The file is not "delited", it's like...comatosed for the moment. Try later (sometimes it works after one refresh, sometimes you need to wait longer)

About speed: most of the time up-file is pretty slow. That's just how it is. Although other times it's just as fast as any other host. Well well. I would highly recommend using a download manager. It will sometimes allow you to download several files from up-file (even if up-file itself doesn't want you to) and it also often accelerate. But the best thing with a manager is that it automatically resumes your download if you loose it due to for example unstable connection.

Up-file is a bit tricky the first time you use it. the download link is most of the time disguised.
The rest looks like a site-ad for Forex.

when following a link to a file uploaded to up-file.com the link will be in one of two places. I will show you both.

lets cut the pictures )


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