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Yes, Yoda is as ever vigilant under the tree. Guarding the gifts with his jedi powers, while being very zen about it all at the same time.

I hope you all have wonderful holidays, no matter what you have/are/will be celebrating.
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To quote Collins from Rent: Merry Christmas bitches!
And if you don't do Christmas: Happy Yule/Channukah/Kwanzaa/other things/last week of December

Don't worry, even if Yoda isn't gracing the LJ christmas card this year he is once again guarding the gifts under the tree. No one will get past him and his kickass jedi skills.

You don't understand the Christmas card? Think I've gone Christian all of a sudden? You just haven't seen Supernatural. Which you should. And I can't be arsed to explain the card right now XD
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From me and the Protector of the Gifts: May the Force be with you all.

No matter what you celebrate (if just winter) we hope you have wonderful holidays!

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ok, I think this is working now
(yeah, deleting all the double posts about this)

Get Your Own! | More Flash Toys

So much snow outside omg
and Sammy is pretty and omg I love this keyboard ♥
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I have now posted my wish list at [livejournal.com profile] holiday_wishes. It's my second year and last year was great fun and I think you all should join!

Of course I will post the rules and my list in here as well ^^

Happy Holidays! )


Dec. 21st, 2007 01:17 pm
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ok, so after a little discusson with [livejournal.com profile] moonlight69, some wiki searching and a trip to the kitchen to get my recipe I decided to share a recipe with you guys.

It's Christmas time and that means Christmas yummies!
In Sweden we have a thing called knäck that is very much a traditional Christmas candy here, apparently it would be called "traditional Swedish toffee" in English *nods*
According to wiki it's title is misleading, since it basically mens "break" andthat would make you believe it's hard like for example Daim, while it's in fact a chewy candy.
Now, to me this is wrong, cause I always make my knäck hard XD Or well, pretty hard that then softens a bit in the mouth. But it's up to you how hard you want to make it of course.

Usually you boil the goo in a pan and it's extremely hot and get burnt and whatnot.
But, I have an awsome recipe that you use the microwave for and it's quick and you don't risk getting burnt yourself.

So my darlings, why not make a little traditional Swedish toffee?
it's easy and very yummy!

you will need:

  • a bowl of some kind that has high "walls" and that can handle high temperatures as well as a microwave. Creamic would be a good thing XD
  • something to pour the goo in. We use these small papery things. But I suppose you can just pour it in a shallow tray and cut it too.
  • a spoon

  • 1 dl granulated sugar
  • 1 dl pale syrup (that's what the wiki article calls it, regular one from sugar. It has to be a bit thicker than for example maple syrup)
  • 0.5 dl cream
  • 1 tablespoon butter (I use the kind that's already runny)
  • chopped almonds or grated coconut (this can be omitted though)

    put everything except the almonds/coconut in the bowl and mix. It's gooey and light brown. and veeeery sweet XD
    Put it in your microwave. Let it cook on high effect (like 750W) for 3 minutes.
    Take it out and stir with a spoon.
    Back into the microwave oven and let it be in there (with the oven going obv) for 4 minutes.
    Take it out.
    Take a little cup, pour in a little ice cold water. Take your spoon and pick up a little of the golden brown goo. Pour it into the water. Try to make a little ball or just like, poke around with the sugary goo. If it hardens to the kind of chewiness you want you're done... well almost. (if it's too soft jut put it in the microwave a little longer. Like 30 seconds or something. I prefer mine pretty hard so in our microwave oven it's about 3 + 4.5 minutes. This also depends on how good your microwave is)
    So, your goo is done. If you want finely chopped almonds in it, or grated coconut (which I love) mix it in the goo.
    then just fill the little paper things or pour on a tray and let it cool.
    then you'll have delicious Christmas candy!

    easy peasy, mmmmm~
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    hey, now it works!
    give me gifts people! ^^/


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